About Me

In my childhood I was very concious about making my roots of music firm. So I went for courses in music like B.A. from Rabindra Bharati University, B.Ed. and the six years diploma from Allahabad. As a result I was quite eligible to place myself in music concerned training centres.

The outcome of this allowed me to take a job as a music teacher in G.D. Birla School.

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I took part in various vocal music competitions where I was most of the time placed in a rank. In the year 1990 & 91 I sat for the auditions in T.V. & radio where I was lucky enough to be chosen in their pannels. In later stage of my career I was often invited as vocal music judge in various competitions.

From the year 1996 I had my backbones straight to perform on stages in various shows. At the same time I approached to the different gramaphone recording companies for my albums. My first cassette "TOK BOK TOK BOK GHORA CHHUTIYE" was released in the year 1998, from Daiji Audio based on children song and was hit amongst the children. Next in the year 2000 I released another children's song album "BOLO NA MAA" from Bethoven Records simultaneously I made another cassette on old melody Bengali songs.

I found myself still hungry in my music career. So I dedicated myself to compose Bengali Ghazals. At the same time I took training in Urdu Ghazals. This took a long time. In the year 2008 I made myself eligible to release eight Bengali Ghazals from Gathani Records.

I received Mother Teresa Award in the year 2011.


Throughout my learning stage I had been taught by some of the renowned singers who supposed to be the best in their field. Vocal Classical Music by Dr. Amio Ranjan Bandhapadhay. Light Bengali Music by Srimati Pratima Badhapadhay. Other Bengali songs by Anil Chatterjee, Jatileswar Mukhopadhay. Dhrupad Classical Music by Arun Bhattachariya. I am still having my lessons in Ghazals from Smt. Kumkum Bhattacharjee who supposed to be the only female student in Kolkata of the legendary Mehindi Hassan.


In the year 1990 I a was regular performer in radio & T.V. From the year 1996 onward I started the stage shows too in Adhunik Bengali songs. I also performed as a play back singer in a art film "Sthania Sambad" produced by Black Magic, the same film also got internationally felicited in the Newzealand Film Festival. I also took the play back singers role in a film namely "Loknath Baba" produced by Nitai Chitram.

Presently I am performing as a Ghazal singer in different stage shows.

Released CDs

  • 1998: "Tokbok Tokbok Ghora Chhutie" musical album released by Daizy Audio
  • 2000-2001: "Bolo Na Maa" children musical album released by Bethoven
  • 2001-2008: "Sat Ranga Ek Pakhi" Bengali Adhunik released by Atlantis